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10-10-2011, 12:03 PM
I agree, I am in the same boat right now as just taking my time and doing each mission with the doff system has left me at VA with just doing the Klingon missions. Here is what I would suggest:

Take the FE series out, I finished the Klingon set and that FE series did not fit right in the middle. It broke up the story line.

Make each mission arc open up via rank, keep the chain but when you get:
  • Lt. - Klingon Story Arc, The Devidians
  • Lt. Commander - Romulan Story Arc, Cloaked Intentions FE
  • Commander - Cardassian Story Arc, Upcoming FE
  • Captain - Breen Story Arc, The Breen FE
  • RA Lower - Borg Story Arc
  • RA Upper - Fluidic Space Story Arc

I would honestly like to see the Borg and Fluidic Story Arcs fleshed out more with about 5-6 additional missions each and a full set of Breen Story Arcs (new sector?). This also leaves Cryptic poised to add in yeat a new sector and story arc for VAs, and on....

That is just my comments on the Fed side. I will level up a Klingon on Tribble, but I imagine they can follow the same logic but they just need to flesh out the Story Arcs more on the Klingon side. What we need is a big story arc-content push. Heck, on the fed side you would only need about another 10-12 missions for the Borg and Fluidic Space missions. Have a story arc contest for Foundry authors to submit 5-6 part series, one dealing with the Borg and another in Fluidic Space. You'd need 10-12 for the Breen (Cryptic can open up the Breen sector, make a start of five missions and then hold another contest to finish them). The devs can then just go over and polish the missions and create the awards but the bulk of the work would be done by the community. Isn't this what the sort of thing they said they would do with the Foundry in the past? Well, in this F2P beta now is the time to flesh these out.