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So the Klingons are at war with the Federation, and the Romulans are at war with both. Why does it feel like its a war of words and not of action. Federation ships fly around Klingon space with out so much as a threat to them, Klingon ships do the same to the feds.

The Neutral Zone should be OPEN FvF conflict. If you are in the sector of the Neutral Zone, you should be able to be attacked by anyone or group that is a waring faction at anytime you are in the Neutral Zone. It would lighten the PvP que load a bit. As you dont have to sit in a que to look for a fight, you can lurk the neutral zone.

I would also let Klingon and Fed ships that are able to cloak, cloak on the travel map.

There could even be events held by the staff that could "move" the front. Where the winner of that event will push the Neutral Zone one direction or the other. Giving the game a much needed shot in the arm for PvP/FvF.