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10-10-2011, 11:39 AM
I believe that the Patrol missions do not scale. Everything else now appears to scale and I am not a fan, especially knowing that rewards do not scale.

I have been running around at Commander with Mk II and Mk III equipment, simply because nothing better has dropped. The story missions I am forced to do right now only reward Mk II equipment. This has to stop.

I knew the Dividean gear would scale by Tier, since that was how the FE series was set up. When Skirmish became available at Lieutenant Commander, I saved it until Commander. I would need to use that mission to get level appropriate gear for a change.

Scaling challenges without scaling rewards is no fun at all.. Scaling challenges is just barely any fun at all. We should have something to show for our efforts other than higher numbers on our character sheets. At some point a challenge to our old Lieutenants should be trivial to our Vice Admirals. This never happens now.