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10-10-2011, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by Global_Spacecase
As iI have been playing around with the current build on Tribble, I am starting to come across an issue that I never had before in previous builds of the game. Namely, story mission progression and rewards.

I genuinly like the new UI and how it lays out missions in a story arc progression that really helps give you an idea of were you should be. that being said, I just finished the Devidian series (which is now part of the Klingon arc), and by the time I had finished the 5th mission in the arc I was commander 1 (mainly because I have also been plugging away at dailies and hourly events). This in and of itself is not a problem. I finished the mission, I got level appropriate rewards, and then went to accept the next mission in the chain. This is were my problem came up.

When i looked at the rewards for the mission, it was mk II gear, which is by and large useless at commander level.

So for any Devs that may glance at the thread, I'd like to request a couple of possible solutions.

1) Put a minimum level requirement on the start mission of each story arc, but do not require me to complete the every story arc previous in order to start later content. I can understand, and totally support, missions in a particualr arc being locked into a sequence (i.e. I should not be able to play "night of the comet" before i do "skirmish") but locking all the various arcs and one off missions into a particular sequence makes things too linear and also, at least with how rewards are set currently, means I am going to HAVE to run missions that have a much lesser reward or pay out for my current level, just to get them out of way so that I can access higher content. This makes the mission feel more like a grind and makes thm far less fun to play.

2) Set the rewards on all missions to payout based on a players level. If the missions can not be unlocked from a linear sequence, then the mission rewards should at least scale up as the player does. This is already happening with the featured episodes, so I am hoping that it can be applied to all other missions. Since currently, as a commander playing what used to be Lt level content, all of the enemies will be scaled to my level, I should at least get rewards that are vaguely in line with my level. I can udnerstand if skill point and xp payout is somewhat reduced in order to keep players from being VAs before they finish the Klingon story arcs, but at least give me some incentive like level appropriate weapons, or the option of a dilithium payout.

ok, end rant.

While i still disagree that it's any kind of story arc i do agree that the rewards should reflect the level of the player. I'm Captain 8 doing missions with a MK V reward. If the idea of rewards is to help you get reasonable gear it makes no sense.