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10-10-2011, 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by Superluminous
The poster I was speaking to got my meaning. It wasn't meant for you anyway. I wasn't speaking to you, nor did I qoute you in my reply.
That's nice, but the point remains. LTS doesn't deserve more, whether it's a special DOff or anything else just because a lump sum was paid up front.
And if it wasn't meant for me you might want to take the 'we' out of your post, you give the impression you're speaking for other lifer's and you certainly don't speak for me. I neither want nor need more, all I ask is that the Gold sub is actually worth something (because unlike some, my LTS isn't even close to paying up yet).

Originally Posted by Sollaf
They're not asking for anything that will break the game, just something that will still help them feel special.
They need to feel special in a video game? I think I'm missing something here then, I only log in to enjoy the game and chatting to friends, not to feel special.