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More my tastes. Nothing extravagant.
ein Schloss istein Haus, wenn Sie für das Herz sich interessieren the Heat is sharing

I value privacy too but its alot of yard workers to manage and keep up.. so i'm thinking more contemporary
and w the things i value like a Build in Office and walk in with its own zip code or postal stop almost.
of course there was open with a garage almost like a BOP Hanger Deck.. hum

arx domus, si cura cor tuum
and foot rubs and shoulder and.. oh my..
look at the kitchen on this one [what were you thinking i meant..heeh]

ant she a beauty huh Chief has alot of BAcon Potential nudge nudge.. look at the build in Griddle! Can you say Flapjacks.. I thought you could...Hallelujah City Water... no out house.

i thinking relocation south or where i'm at. that's a fact jack and Jacky's

Oh there is a great Scandinavian Bakery but tis an hour or more from the last search... some of these pl;aces are on ghost town gold courses.. image spendign a tranquil day at the outdoro kitchen grillign and dodging old men with b ad golf swings landign balls i nyou yard all day...

Caddyshcak meet Iron Chef Senshi... ah ha! Eurekia.. I could ahve a food conssesion to pay morgage.. to hurgy old duffers