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As I understand it, if we get tier 1 doff we get a free doff on holo, tier 2 gets a rare, tier 3 gets a very rare. I know there is some question on whether or not diplo qualifies.

There are a lot of us out here pounding out doff tiers to test it, bugging everything we find, giving input, etc. Would it be possible to give us the above for each assignment pool we put effort into? For example, if I'm tier 3 in diplo, medical, and security, I get the above for all 3? This would encourage folks to do more than just crank out 1 tier 3 (diplo or med, the easiest) and go back to holo.

I promise it's not a case of "if you give a mouse a cookie", I just realized that we're hitting this thing hard to make it better for Cryptic to have a successful F2P launch, and it would be great to carry the tokens onto live that we earned on Tribble.

Just a polite request. Loving the DOFF system, enjoying testing it. You're doing a great job