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10-10-2011, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by Hodo View Post
There could even be events held by the staff that could "move" the front. Where the winner of that event will push the Neutral Zone one direction or the other. Giving the game a much needed shot in the arm for PvP/FvF.
This would definately get me interested in STO's PvP.

The current lack of a 'bigger picture' in terms of how PvP could affect a sector is what makes me figure i might aswell get my PvP fix from team fortress 2 instead.

I'd also like to see a PvP area where ground and space maps can affect each other.
For example; a space map with a planet based ground map, Beaming down to the planet and taking victory there would have the planet begin using it's orbital defenses in your favour on the space map, alternatively holding an area around the space map for a certain time opens the ground map up for orbital bombardment in your favour.