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10-10-2011, 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by Dunnlang
Thanks Heretic.

I was curious at about what rate we should be finding those missions. I would say I am lucky if I can find one recruitment mission every 1-2 days. Either I am doing a bad job of looking for them or they are relatively rare. I had sort of expected one to always be available, similar to the reassignment assignment.

Edit: I expected quality of recruited DOffs would be related to Recruitment CXP and rarity of the Recruitment assignment discovered. I am fine with these being White quality heavy at first, but improving over time.
Originally Posted by Tilarium View Post
I'm wondering if once someone accepts a mission then it's removed from that sectors avaliable missions. That might explain why the recruit missions are so rare. I'm thinking this because for the last few days I'll go to SFA, Earth-Starbase and orbit arough the starbase and find one or two avaliable missions.
Recruitment assignments are fairly rare, and they have a long cooldown before they will be offered again.

Assignments are not shared with other players, however; someone else taking an assignment should not remove it from the available list of assignments. There have been a number of reports about lack of assignments in the ESD/Sirius sectors, so there may be something going on, however.