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10-10-2011, 08:55 PM
Telling the Devs to pay attention to PvP is like Snooki to stop being embarassing to human society as a whole.

We've gotten nothing since launch and quite literally EVERY single addition/change they make is detrimental towards PvP. For those of you who haven't PvP'd before, all of these F2P changes and P2W ships are pushing us further and further away from balance.

And the funny part is, us PvPers are forced into PvE. But PvEers always throw up the flag up of 'I DON'T LIKE TO PVP, I DON'T WANT TO SO I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!' and they don't have to. What about us? We have to do PvE (which the vast majority of us hate), why should the other side get an immunity? The top end gear sets are PvE exclusive and we have to truck through that. Why can't there be a PvP set or something that people have to PvP to get? Because, let's face it, PvP is by far more challenging than Elite PvE. /rant