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10-11-2011, 01:48 AM
Originally Posted by Chrome-Crusher32
I Just can't believe it the Dreaded STF Infected has had a major Revamp and they've done everything I asked and More =D

several months ago I had reached VA on a Tact named Sivutle.

Well what did we have for end game but the STFs right?

We grouped up, had an easy time with the space portion of Infected then quickly mowed our way down to the final stage of the Ground combat.

Back then the Borg in the chamber would Rez extremely frequently, couple that with the newly equiped (Cross Fire/Cross-wire) Patch and you have a recipy for unfathomable disaster.

We'd painstakingly clip through the NPCs at each node, taking pains to effectively hop from Cube to cube, and then get stumped on the Triple Code entering proccess on each Node.

out of the possibly 23 attempts (each one Litteraly driving us to the brink of insanity (although since i've already been pretty over dramatic that it doesn't mean anything to you now =P) Only once did we successfully activate 3 of the nodes =(

Long story short, I told everyone I teamed with to send Cryptic a Note through the Bug Report (all I knew how to do back then = | telling them what a terrible time we were having on that part of Infected.)

From memory these are the things I Suggested that Cryptic implement in order to make that STF both Doable And more improtantly Fun =)

1. Either Reduce or remove the Borg NPCs ability to Respawn druing the this part of the mission, as this will greatly balance out the new (more intense and Fast) ground combat Mechanics that had been added with season 4s (Cross fire) patch.

2. Please extend the Timeframe for the Activated Nodes to remain open, so that teams will be able to have a Breathable chance to Hack all 4 of them in 1 go.

I think I said some other things but those 2 were By far the most important items that needed to be changed for the Game to be Fun to do.

Oh wait maybe this is it =)

if you played the STF on Holodeck at the time that I did or before, you'd notice that the only way to get from the main generator Platform to 2 of the nodes were these Groups of Cubes that you'd have to hop across or you'd fall and die in the hazy Plasma Fog stuff =)

Now On Tribble They've added these (presumably Holographic) energy bridges between all 4 node Plaforms, Making it a cinch to Cross over the Troubled waters so to speak =)

everything I put forward has been added to Tribble,

and regardless of where these changes orginated, one can be sure that Players of all ability levels will be able to Play and enjoy this STF For Stardates to come =P

And Most Improtantly I Want to give a Huge


to the people at Cryptic, for all the time effort and energy they have been and will be pouring into this Wonderful game to make it stand out as a clasic forever.

And I thank you even more for Listening to you're customers needs!

I really can't thank you enough for Taking an STF that could fill even a Vulcan with rage, and turning it into a Mission that could put a smile on the face of a... well
(pardon me I'm not familiar enough with Startrek to think up a Race or Character that was prapetually Scouling or grief striken (my only thought was that "Back Stabbing Slime Pile" (quoting JB Jeremy from STOked 99) Slamic from the Colisium Ep. =P )

But the fact stands that instead of being a Mission under the belts of the Tactically elite Group, Infected is now a Joy ride I'm more than thrilled to repeat =P

3 Cheer's for Cryptic =D
Um ok? Infected was always a piece of cake. The ground part was easy. The group I play with would kick ourselves if the whole mission took more than 30 minutes.

These changes to the STFs basically do away with the only end game content there was in STO. Now they require next to no coordination or teamwork. You dont even have to activate the 3 relays in each corner of the queens room at the same time any more.

Still this is off topic, the set bonuses need to be looked at.