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So I have now hit VA on my tribble test character (and apart from the issues with getting new ships/equipment) it has been an intersting experience (being so poor!)

In fact, I have become quite attached to my Andorian and his crew, and have a suggestion for the developers.

When the test cycle is over and F2P goes live on holo, please allow us to keep/transfer our new characters.

I would pay good C-store money to make this happen, and I think other people might as well, and it could be a nice little earner for you with frankly fairly little work required.

I understand the imbalanced XP rewards that have been in place on test server, in order for us to level quickly, but what is the difference between this and the various Skill Boosts that you can buy on live anyway? It would also be a nice way of an additional reward for those of us testing the system, to have this option.