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10-11-2011, 04:20 AM
how about a reinforcement pool similar to battlefield games, to simulate limited ships?

Now that this discussion is up again I must put forward that idea, that if you do territory PVP, and you do it far off, people that choose to get involved know the risks, you could make ships destructible and the reason being the supply between starfleet and the warzone is limited.

Players could take stock ships with white gear and white BO's into battle knowing if they lost it, it isn't that big a deal, but then maybe there could be some resource gathering issue.

Alternatively, the reinforcement system during a fleet fight. Let's say you allow a maximum of 20vs20 when an area is contested, each match has 40 reinforcement tickets per side...losing a ship willy nilly hurts your fleets chances.

Capturing sectors and specific planets could provide like bonuses for your resources into a pool through which ships are built over the course of a couple days or something...the community has lots of good ideas, just a matter of someone at cryptic adopting and adapting them.