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10-11-2011, 04:58 AM
I agree with this, I am not a full PVPer but I do enjoy spending time in a few rounds as its a challenge.
There is a huge lack of PVP content in this game though, I enjoy PVP content in most games I play but STO doesn't have enough to pull me in fully yet.

I also agree that entering the Neutral Zone should be a risk, in any series if you were in the Neutral Zone it was seen as a danger, any ship's or colonys are fair pickings. But this should be extended beyond just PVP on the Klingon side as the Romulans were protective of the Zone in TNG. Would keep the PVE happy this to.

Cruis.In is onto something by emulating the battlefield games, this would work as a whole as we would have battles last longer and as one side took more terrirtory it could build up "safer" areas to transport cargo to construct supplys.

Being a devils advicate here by saying this now BUT the game may need more Klingon Federation balancing if large areas were opened up for PVP events though as it would pull more "scared" players into it. But im not to sure of this yet as it doesn't bother me to much, unless my team is crap and runs off doing there own thing leaving my Assualt Cruiser taking the brunt of everything! But thats not a balance issue

Lets hope we get an open zone soon!