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Hi all

So I have been playing STO about a week now and thought I would have a crack at doing a Foundry Mission (name as above).
I didnt understand why I couldn`t find it listed until some kind soul explained that it has to be reviewed before it will list in with everything else.They were quite positive and suggested some changes which I have now actioned and released in Ver. 2.0.
I have noticed that Feedback is not compulsory and think that perhaps Cryptic should make written feedback compulsory.After all it is very easy to rate someones mission as `I didnt like it` but it would help hugely if people understood WHY that was.

There are many elements to think of when doing a Foundry mission and I could see how just a couple of errors or omissions could spoil someones enjoyment of it.
Maybe rating specific elements would help authors to improve things.Having written my own mission I am aware of where things are,what the plot is and can always go to `God Mode` to help rush test it.
If people could rate elements such as Plot,difficulty,ease of understaning missions,enemy placement etc it would be so much easier to fine tune it.
I truly hope that the rating system isn`t abused but thinking about it I can see how a group of people intent on harm could easily sink someones mission by deliberately rating it `didnt enjoy` and making it sure it never saw the figurative light of day.

Just a quick aside - having decided to review peoples work myself I am somewhat puzzled by the raft of missons I have seen published that have `warning dont test this` plastered all over them.One wonders just why they were ever published.maybe its just me....

Anyway I would be massively greatful to anyone who is willing to test my mission.I would be more than happy to reciprocate and offer constructive feedback.

Oh and I`m sure as a newbie to this particular Star Trek time line Im aware I have probably jumped up and down all over several things that are canon

(Btw its under Author monkeydude1969 - for some reason I cant remember my user name is slightly different for STO.)