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10-11-2011, 07:40 AM
Originally Posted by Korhil

The Cure: The Kang is a bit too hard to keep alive. Its not a time thing, its just with 5 players you can only really spare 1 or 2 to defend it and once you are facing 5+ raptors per wave thats a bit much. Please scale down the ships spawned by the repair facilities a little.

I am sure people have found other issues. The bug that means if someone joins and isnt auto grouped they get all the loot from the optional objective in the space Infected is pretty annoying.
There is nothing wrong with Cure space. The Kang is very easy to keep up with the proper strat. The important part is getting one of the cubes down before wave two gets to the Kang. But no need to keep a tank and high dps on the Kang.

Kill a cube clear the Kang rinse and repeat.