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10-11-2011, 07:20 AM
Basically it comes down to the devs testing and changing things a whole lot on the test server without really caring what it will do to the current test characters. They will take things out or maybe recode how some things work, all depending on what issues/bugs they come up agaist. This can have the effect of causing unforseen glitches in your test character if it were to be transferred to that system after having stats in it created from the system they changed/got rid of entirely.

They won't even transfer toons when a tribble patch adds little more than a few ninja nerfs/buffs and the latest c-store item, with a test as large and as changing as this one has the potential to be, they won't here either.

I know how you feel, i've got a test feddie at VA and my test Klink is almost captain, but we get xp boosts, tribbles, doffs, dilithium and ship slots. Those are things they can give us without potentially wasting a lot of their time trying to troubleshoot and fix a bunch of potentially bugged toons on holodeck. It's also a lot more than the standard tribble reward too, they know it's a big ask which is why we get these extras for it.

You're free to make the request ofcourse, but don't get your hopes up. It'd be a company first and quite likely (i'm not privvy to every MMOG out there) an industry first aswell.