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10-11-2011, 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by Grouchy.Otaku
Though the thing is, my characters are already leveling too quickly on 'HOLODECK', and easily out-rank the rewards being offered for missions. The introduction of the Doff system onto 'Holodeck', (as well as the need to grind for Dilithium to afford new ships...) is going to make this problem much much worse. If missions are implemented to scale with the character, then the rewards should scale as well... (Or implement a 'voluntary' level cap so a character can complete his level-ranked missions without out-growing them...)
Most people who aren't on the forums aren't leveling as quickly.

Beyond that, the very idea of leveling hurts the ability of development teams to focus on new, progressive content.

There are non-level based form of progression. I maintain that the ideaof leveling in an MMO, beyond a tutorial phase, is daft. I know, I know, it gives you that RPG feel. Well, I think MMOs need to kick some RPG elements to the curb and numeric leveling is one of those things for me.

Right now, for instance, they have a story arc blocked out that requires everyone to be an max level. There's no such thing as leveling too fast in that sense because that content requires that everyone has played certain prior missions and is level capped. You can have endgame or you can have people leveling but if you think le3veling is too fast and there's nothing to do at endgame, the ONLY way to have more to do at endgame is to start insta-leveling players so that the audience is at endgame.

Cryptic can't develop endgame without shortening the leveling process even further because most folks aren't making it to endgame and they have to develop for where most of their players, current or former, are.

Either leveling has to be dramatically faster or the idea of endgame has to be abandoned indefinitely while they continue to devote content team to leveling or levelless content. If you want endgame content, it means everyone needs to be at endgame and spend a minimum of time leveling.