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10-11-2011, 12:10 PM
A lot of F2P games give "premium currency" rewards for subscribers on every mission, not just on certain ones. If Cryptic is smart, (the operative word is if) they'll do this with the dilithium if they want to sell lifetime subs after this thing goes free.

Of course, Perfect World prefers to offer people the option to buy their premium currency for their games because they don't seem to offer paid subs, but that doesn't mean they'll do that with STO, which does have paid subs. However, I wouldn't be surprised if we soon see chunks of dilithium in the C-store and maybe even dilithium cards available in stores (like the Zen cards for PW games.)

And they've overhauled the ship buying process. I got a T4 ship for 1/10th of the price when I hit captain. (after I bought it, the prices went back up) I guess you get a coupon to make it cheaper once you're new promoted. I guess this is Cryptic's answer to the problem of not getting near enough to buy a ship. The ship was 14k, Quinn gave me 9k, so I only had to come up with 5k (which I had) as opposed to getting 90k and having to come up with 50k to buy a 140k ship, which is nearly impossible with the dilithium system as it is.