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10-11-2011, 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by Matthew.Felix
There is almost no incentive for people to remain subbed right now as the only real difference are venteran rewards and some other things you can get for purchases in the C-store that are less than the price of a subscription. The loss of the free ship at RAUH isn't much of an issue since the ships you choose form are the same as RALH but the free ship at VA shouldn't be taken away as VA is a new rank that unlocks new ships on Holodeck. Reaching VA should not be okay now you unlock new ships... sorry all the new ships you can buy are C-store only...oh and we're jacking up the prices on them too... BOHICA!

The Ferengi have bought Starfleet and now it is all a money making scheme for the Orion Syndicate!
To be fair, when this thing hits live on holodeck, their wont be an incentive to play period!