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10-11-2011, 02:24 PM
I love the idea sivar and even posted earlier regarding the point system. It was half in gest but also I really think that because of the disparities between certain ships we may steer away from a class point system and maybe implement a per ship point system.

Example. IMO the bops and mvae and even defiants have a leg up on fleets and andvanced escorts

and Klingon cruisers have a leg up on fed cruisers.

And Klingon sci ships are not recognized as such, and are flown in a completely different gameplan manner.

Anywho, still love the idea. We should do some testing in private matches for further study. You guys know I'm game so pm @CaptainHorizon if you ever want too sivar, I'd be happy to join in some friendly tournament setups and tests to see what will work the best.

Have fun kill bad guys.