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10-11-2011, 03:32 PM
You guys are wrong I'm sorry to say and not paying attention. I got a Feddy commander sitting on 50k Dilithium right now. Go do your daylies. DO you academy stuff, and do your exploration DOFF missions. .. for that matter, just go do your DOFF missions. Now my Fed VA is Borked because she was my first toon. I want to send all her DOFF's off to the commnader and delete her to restart her. Made a bunch of mistakes when I created her, and made VA before the first patch was out. I have no idea why theres not more VA's running around.

quit grip'n and get to mov'n.. Ya know, it could be worse, you could be playing KDF..

oh wait..

I'm being mean..*sigh!*

My KDF is LT General and is flyng the Vorcha retrofit., and all of the ship weapons areMk XI Purples, with Mk XI Blue consoles..And the full Aegis set.... Crafting ya know... Kinda hoping that the next C-store stipernd is nuff to get the Vorcha refit if its made availible next patch.. if its not I'll prolly blow it on the KDF Academy uniform pack and more DOFF packs.
And my ground combat gear is also all Purples.. Just started doing STF's today... now THATS grinding.. gonna puruse the forums and see what the low down is on getting the elite gear.. its NOT obvious and i want the KDF Honor Guard set so bad I can taste it. both space and ground.. Not seeing the right kind of Salvage drop and I want to know why. And if a crummy old non "leet" ROLEPLAYER like me can do it... then it should be aesy mode for you leet types..