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10-11-2011, 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
I decided to give the discount tokens they put in for new ships at rank up a chance, and this is what i arrived at.

New Ship at Commander was tolerable.
New Ship at Captain was annoying.
New Ship at Rear Admiral Lower Half was bloody intolerable and FAIL required me to get 10k more dilithium.

Yay I ranked up to Rear Admiral 1, cool give me my ship so i can continue playing and leveling... wtf? you mean i not only have to grind for HOURS to get enough dilithium? I also have to wait an entire DAY or MORE because i can only refine 8k dilithium a day?
Yeah.... its total BS.

Now when I play casually I usually only do a couple of dailies a day and a few other activities, that means the time it would take me to get a new ship would be anywhere from a few days to a BLOODY WEEK
A week of my time wasted on a grind, no story progression, no leveling, nothing but a grind in a gimped ship!
I also hate being forced to grind, i hate exploration and i hate 75% of the REPETITIVE dailies.

Seriously, this nonsense has to stop already, with this the game is no longer FUN.
Either put back the free ship tokens or drasticly raise the refinement cap and make ALL missions give dilithium.
I'm calling BS on you, sir.

Have had virtual NO problem getting ships at level up while doing almost NO grinding. So, I'm saying that your full of crap.

THAT...and all the options for getting dillitheum is not even in place yet. So, your whining about an 'imagined' issue which will be greatly alleviated by the time the game leaves beta.

Additionally, your "solution" of leaving the token in sucks. I'm sitting on token in holodeck that will never get used. I would much prefer a currency that can actually be used for something should I decide that I would rather have a ship off the c-store.

...AND skill points are rediculously high on Tribble for fast progression for testing purposes. Once, the right amount of skill points are rewarded you will naturally accumulate all the dillitheum you need for ship purchases. want a game with NO grinding, go play solitaire.