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10-11-2011, 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by Capt_Luke
Hi everyone. It's pretty clear that the developers don't listen and have no idea what to do with this game. Common sense by now should be telling you that. The Ask Cryptic don't ask the hard questions and I can see why Dan Stall left the company despite whatever magical post was fabricated.

So I've decided to make a Official Nerf Forum. Please state the name of the power why it needs to be nerfed. Make sure to keep your post only a few sentences. No one care about your calculations, magical colored text and quoting EVERY sentence in a paragraph to make your self look smart. Just keep a few sentences, that's all. Hard? We'll see based on the responses.

Ok so now that is cleared up....GO!
So you want conjecture and wild-*** guesses only? Sounds more like a witch hunt than something to put forward logically to the devs. And look, seems like you already have a taker! (though in jest I hope).

But you do have one thing right, they certainly don't listen much, and don't have any idea much what to do with their game that they don't even play.