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# 1 Special DOFF Request....
10-11-2011, 07:33 PM
So we were talking in the Accolades Channel about cool DOFF's too have and someone suggested a Holographic Lounge Singer Doff...

This would be an excellent idea. Perhaps you guys can put in a special DOFF Mission at Quarks Bar on DS9 that can net us a Purple/Rare Holographic Lounge Singer.

Come to think of it, this kinda brings to mind a larger idea where you can sprinkle DOFF missions throughout the game that reward you with DOFF's inspired by iconic characters.

Oh, one more thing don't forget Talaxians eh? Neelix was a Salvage Expert, Chef, Moral Officer, Engineer, Security Officer, Diplomat and Ambassador (depending on the season). Seems to me Talaxians would make awesome DOFFS....