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Well I dediced to do this because of all the comments all other the place. I figure one consolidated thread with our issues to aid the dev and to be upkept to ensure our issues are addressed would be benefit both parties. This is one I will do my best to maintain so it will be "bypassed like a christmas tree" with links. If you have something to add or see that I missed a dev response please add it in and I will toss it into the list. Feel free to post all your concerns but I would ask for an easily digestable format. Also, please no argueing about each others concerns, if we have this thread locked it only reflects very poorly on us as a community.

The format I think that would be easy is:

Item - from the calander, i.e. Turotial and Mission UI Modification
Issue - One line then a brief description
Suggestion - Just a brief description

I have purposefully left out the Doff System because Heretic is doing a fantastic job adressing issues as they crop up. Now this is not a bug thread either, it is an issue thread. It looks blank at the moment because I am working on my lists and will have them up as I get them. I plan to go through this twice or more daily to upkeep it and keep it current.

With that....