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10-12-2011, 08:05 AM
Tutorial and Mission UI Issues
  • Linear Story Progression
    • Forced Progression - Current progression forces players through ALL missions. It would be better if those mission arc opened up based on rank. Thus a compromise that all missions say in the Klingon Arc are played in a linear fashion but the other arcs do not rely on them to be completed. A proposed rank based shema can be found here.
    • Illigical Placement of Missions - The placement of the FEs inside the arcs breaks up what story is there as in the case of the Klingon Arc. The three FE series need to be seperate entities. It is very odd in the romulan series jumping around from bad guys and the arc felt like it hag no consistancy or story line.
    • Flesh out the Story Arcs - Long-term plans need to flesh out the arc for the other sectors for Feds and establish more arcs for the Klingons.
    • Non-Scalable Rewards - Very few of the rewards for all previous missions are scaleable and this presents an issue with replayability. A pass is needed for all missions to give scaleing rewards. This will ensure replayability and ease the concern over the linear mision arcs.
  • Exploration Missions
    • Aid the Planet" Missions - Despite being veyry Star Trek, the serve no purpose now or function. They are either bugged and not giving an appropriate reward or the rewards have intentionally been removed. Currently, as they stand, they are back to where they were when the game launched and offer little incentive to complete them. This is even more the case given the Doff system also awards DXP.
    • All Exploration Missions set as Dailies - this is a major issue for replayability of exploration. An alternative would be to offer the first set as a daily for a scaled reward of Dilithium Ore, then return the missions to the previous timer and offer the appropriate level reward. This would work like the VA B'tran missions, and the Ore scaling would be based on rank, thus the lowest daily Ore reward for a VA would come from the Delta Volanis daily. Partially addressed here:
    • Exploration Missions Repeatability - currently the repeatability value of these missions is still poor aside from the one mission now that lets you do three cluster missions and get dilithium. We still have less reward for our time than we did before these changes. What needs to be done is what ws offered at the onset of the F2P beta. The half hour repeatables need to give a level appropriate reward since they give nothing now, especially for end game players.
  • Defend X Sector Missions
    • Repeatability Issues - These too should fall under a daily ore/level appropriate item scheme for replayability. This would afford a purpose for higher level players to return and face higher level MOBs. Again, first time is a daily ore reward, subesequent times you get a level appropriate item.