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10-12-2011, 08:06 AM
Calander and Events
  • Star Fleet Academy Event
    • Griefing Issues - Fixes need to be done to ensure griefing is minimized and Gozer has posted that these fixes are in the pipeline here. The griefing includes: kill stealing, particle stealing, using NPCs to destroy expanding particles.
    • General Feel - The notion that a few times a day Star Fleet Academy becomes the "wild west" is unTrek to me. Could there be a second puzzle to replace the Klingon spawn if griefing issues can not be resolved?
    • Purpose of Obtaining a Cadet
      • As of now it serve no purpose to haul around a cadet.
      • What was the intention for having them spawn in the first place?
      • Perhaps the cadet should give you:
        1. A bonus to collection
        2. A hint as to what to scan
        3. A bonus chance to opening a portal
    • Nerf to Sucsessful Collection
      • Somewhere along the line there was a stealth nerf to the number of particles that could be collected from a successful scan, multiphasic or polaron.
      • This need to return back to 3 from 2. Three was a decent number and most players were able to get 50 particles during the event.
      • When this goes live a F2P competition is going to be so high that 50 or higher particles collected will be rare.
  • Multiphasic Event
    • Number of Spawns/Spawn Rate of Anomalies - The event can actually result in you obtaining LESS samples because of the limited number of anomalies in clusters. With just five people scanning in one system it can be quite difficult and tedious to fly around in circle looking for a "scan" that has just re-spawned. Basically, a zone can get cleared out pretty quickly and the end result is a net loss than if you were just farming because you have less opportunity to obtain samples.
      • Increase the Number of Spawns - For this event I would suggest adding (perhaps doubling) the spawn points for scan anomalies.
      • Increase the Spawn RateAlternatively, you could half the re-spawn rate, probably easier but that would promote spawn camping (if that is seen as a negative thing).
      • One of these needs to be tweaked before the flood of F2Pers come in. Overall, the resouce gathering system needs to be examined because it begs for unintended gameplay. For example, if I know I need to farm a bunch of anomalies I will (more than ever now) hold back about five "Aid the Planets" and cycle through them.
    • Too Much Variety from all Tiers - This spreads out the reward greatly and you end up getting less of your target data. If you have noticed there seems to be a cap in the number of resources you can obtain (most I have gotten was 7 items). If that is spread over all tiers, well then you end up with less of your target tier that if the event was off. Hopefully it is unintentional that you would be better off farming for a target tier when the event is off. Perhaps it should only reward from one tier above and below what is offered from the cluster.
    • Lack in Numbers of Data Collected - As stated above, there seems to be a cap in the number of data samples you are rewarded. If the event was meant to give a slight boost to resource sampling then it is only doing so tangentially by awarding variety. A suggestion would be to break it up, one roll for the base sample number, one rolls for the trace sample, and one roll for the multiphasic event samples all with the minigame bonus applied.
  • Borg Red Alerts
  • Mirror Universe
  • Tour the Galaxy