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10-12-2011, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by USS_Merriman
Maybe it's just me and I'm missing your point, but...why are you "in love" and have an obsession with the Akira Class? There's really nothing distinguishable about it that it deserves to be T5. What is so special that it deserves T5 status? I could understand your point if the ship has not yet been introduced into the game and it was a fan-favorite among the hardcore Star Trek fans, then I could see pushing for T5 status.
The fact that it was active in the same era as most of the other T5 ships, and newer than some of the other T5 ships, is reason enough. I've posted to this effect several times, but I'm guessing you haven't seen those posts.

Excelsior is 200 years old now. If they can upgrade the 460m x 180m Excelsior to T5 standards, why wouldn't they be able to upgrade the 460m x 320m Akira to the same standard? Especially when the Prometheus is only 400m x 160m itself. So how are two smaller ships better than the larger ship, when the larger ship was already shown to be better on screen (in the case of the Excelsior, at least)

Watch DS9 battles. Pay attention to the Excelsior, Akira, and Galaxy class ships. You'll notice that Excelsior and Miranda class ships die a lot, while almost no Akira or Galaxy class ships are shown to be destroyed (with exception to the Second Battle of Chintoka, but that doesn't really count since the entire fleet was wiped out).

The point is, the Akira is just as good as any other current ship was at that time, and most of those ships have T5 variants already. The Akira is about the only one that doesn't.