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10-12-2011, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by STF65
The game has a t4, t4.5, and t5.5 galaxy and will soon have the same set up for intrepid and defiant. If the game can deal with galaxy, defiant, and intrepid each having 3 sub-tiers I'm sure it can deal with akira having 3 as well.
The problem then is how do they justify disappointing people?

Sure, some people like the Akira and will harp and whine, and given the retrofits that are already in place, my bet is that Cryptic wanted at one point to make a T5 everything, then CBS came along and told them flat out, no T5 Constitution class. Which would have put a crimp in that plan, cause if you make everything else T5, but not the Connie, you alienate Connie fans, and since this is Star Trek, there are ALOT of Connie fans.

What they really need to do is revamp the tiers for the Federation a bit. There's some equality there now with the Klingons, since they get 5 different ship classes (BoP, Escort, Battle Cruiser, Carrier, and now Gorn Sci ships) to our 3 (Escort, Cruiser, Science).

What should be done about the Akira, IMHO, is to bring in the Norway or the Steamrunner to replace it at T3 of the Escort line, and shuffle the Akira off to T4 of a new ship class for the Federation: Battle Cruisers. You could bring in the Typhoon for the T5 slot of that, and have the Miranda/centaur/Shi'kahr be it's T1 slot.

Basically hull & crew close to a cruiser, maneuverability better than escort but less than a cruiser, and able to mount Dual cannons, but fewer device slots and console slots.