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10-12-2011, 10:37 AM
Eh... Wait... What?

The problem with the Ticket UI wasn't that it got 'cluttered' with too many tickets, it was that tickets wouldn't get closed in the UI so fixed bugs from months back would still show up (I personally have tickets dating back to the closed beta for both CO and STO that showed up for a very very very long time), that the actual feedback on tickets wasn't there (an automated message saying "thanks for submitting" doesn't really count as feedback), and when their was any feedback on a ticket it was in an email saying "Your Ticket has been updated" without specifying in any way which ticket it was that has been updated.

Better sorting on tickets (so we could sort by date, character, status, and ticket title) would have made it easier to find specific tickets we needed to update or add info too.

Better status updates on the ticket so we know it is 'submitted', 'open', 'info needed' (if a ticket is unclear or more info is needed to replicate a problem), and 'closed' would be useful too. Default would have 'closed' tickets not showing up in the list as it was assumed they have been resolved and thus aren't needed to be seen any longer.

Fixing the in-game mails so that when we get one saying 'Your ticket has been updated' it actually lists the name of the ticket that was updated so we aren't going through the full list blindly hoping to find which one of our tickets it was.

On the Dev end of things, it should be possible to 'band' tickets togethor so if a dozen tickets are submitted on the same issue they can all be updated at once instead of having to address each ticket individually. Also so that all of their ticket info on an issue can be easily referenced.

None of which are ground-breaking issues, but pretty basic trouble ticket handling features out in the wide scary IT industry.