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10-12-2011, 01:52 PM
No. First of all, I lost many times with only VA in the instance, because either the players didn't work together or weren't able to fit their role (Escorts rushing foward and wondering why they get shot to pieces instead of letting the cruiser tank, people taking on groups alone etc.).
Second, the whole story idea of a "Borg invasion" would just be lost, if you'd turn the whole thing into a Gamma Orionis DSE.

But what I agree with is the fact that low level players lack the firepower and abilities to compete, although they are boosted to RA, still they fly a Constitution class or worse. So I'd suggest that Borg strength should depend on the players level and the groups put together from people of the same rank.

Besides, did the difficulty increase recently? I've been absent for some time, when Red Alerts were introduced they were quite easy to handle and now the simplest mistake gets you blown to pieces, at least so it seems to me.