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# 12 Foul play is met with foul play.
10-12-2011, 03:07 PM
I'll keep this short....

Timeline of this issue:

Event 1: OP goes to Otha with a 5-6 man team intent on farming purples and bullying others out of the system.

Event 2: Poster of this reply wipes the entire team a few times and logs off.

Event 3: Poster of this reply logs back on to find his fleet mate being spawn camped and also gets spawn camped by the OP and his team.

Event 4: OP and his 5 man team spawn camp us for 15 minutes and makes the remark " Do not shoot my fleet members" and continues with the spawn camping.

Event 5: Poster of this reply and his fleet member break through the spawn camp and wipe the OP's team and proceeds to do so for several hours.

Event 6: OP reports us and takes to the forum about exploits and injustices...( that happen) every time his fleet is attacked for farming Otha and spawn camping.

End result? OP and his 5 man team ( which consists of two Tacticals, Two Engineers, and a Medic) get rolled every time they step foot on Otha.


Otha is a open pvp arena
Otha is not your private farming ground.
When you camp someone..expect to be shot.
When you camp someone..expect their fleet to shoot you.
More importantly....

Do not try to camp and bully folks that are in a GROUND PVP FLEET. You'll just flame when our two man team rolls your five man team.