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10-12-2011, 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Chronos
It'll be no less frustrating when you join a group of Rear/Vice admirals who probe farm and you fail the Red Alert.

You just have to take the failures with a grain of salt.

And sometimes you will have to carry more than your share of the load in a fight. I've been in groups where other Rear/Vice admirals weren't doing half the damage I was doing. Often times, I spend more time healing others than I do myself, even while the enemy is putting a lot of dents in my hull.

Lack of damage/probe farming isn't just common among lower levels.
is not just the lack of damage and probe farming lesser level players are less experienced and there ships can deal the damage or take damage. the also lack experience and they are clueless on how to lay there ships out to do maximum damage and as I pointed out earlier the rest of the Borg content is restricted to certain levels for a good reason and just like the rest of the borg content in the game the red alerts should be restricted as well. Furthermore at least RA level ships are built to deal damage and take on the Borg and Vice Admirals dont usually probe farm as they have nothing to gain from it but they do want the accolades as they cant level up anymore so going for accolades is all they really have left. It is usually the lower level players probe farming. Upper level players know how to layout there ships and they have experience, fighting the Borg. They know how to team up and work with a team while lower level players may not know how to do that.