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10-12-2011, 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by Militis View Post
The lower tier ships are nowhere near the problem they're made out to be in my experience. Yes they can't deal the damage of a RA/VA ship but they can (and do) contribute. My problem, and I hate this with a passion, is RA/VA players that just cannot play their class. Engineers that can't tank a lot of damage, Tacs that don't do any damage and Sci that doesn't SNB when the Spread is on the command ships buff bar or throw SS on it whenever hull is exposed. This is what usually results in a lost instance in my experience.
As for probe farming, I've never seen a lower tier ships even trying because alone they can't kill them. Whenever I have seen probe farmers it's always an RA/VA character, as you mention they have little else to do so it makes sense but it's still annoying to everyone else in the instance.
whats happened to me is that a bunch of lower level players when the borg mothership comes they all focus on the probes and they start probe farming and no one or me and another player are left alone to focus on the command ship, it is very frustrating but you are right also player should know how to play there class and not enough players do. Also another huge problem is lack of teamwork if everyone were to target the same side of the captial ship at the same time the ship can be killed alot easier, or when someone communicates something the other players dont follow, I am a VA in the game i didnt get to the highest level and max out my character by not knowing what i am doing, I wish other players would see a VA and think hmm he is the highest level in the game his character is maxed out he has fought the borg he probably knows what he is doing. If people would work together, use there class of ship correctly and use there abilties correctly alot more of these instances would be won. I also have had people drop out of the team just after the captial ship comes leaving the rest of us on the team to rot, one ship really does make a difference in these battles.