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10-12-2011, 08:18 PM
The dailies only give out dilithium if they're close to your level bracket... If you do any that aren't close to your level range, then there's no dilithium reward at all.

So Delta Volcanis for Lt all the way up to B'tran for Vice Admiral.

Personally, I think this is ridiculous. Once these missions switch over to giving ore you're going to end up having hard caps on top of hard caps with some added level gating to make earning dilithium ore as difficult as possible. What's the point of having a refinement limit when there's already a finite amount of ore that can be collected per day anyway..?

I'm hoping that they'll both remove the level gating on the reward and allow them to be completable at will like they are currently on Holodeck. If there's a refinement cap already in place, does it really matter if a person earns 8k or 800k ore in a day? The ore is worthless until it gets refined, and there really should be more sources "repeatable" sources of it, like PvP matches. Each PvP match should award a small amount of ore (with the winning side earning a higher amount) so people can play the game how they wish rather than being forced to do activities they don't enjoy to even get close to the refinement cap as it currently stands,