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10-12-2011, 11:36 PM
yeah I agree i did the one daily by sol forget name anyways did it once then after just got xp and boff xp no dilithium. This whole Dilithium deal is no good.....
It ruins the fact you need a ton of it constantly to get your new ships since they took away the free token once you got your new rank. and the prices of those ships is outrageous.....

edit: read where we are getting our free tokens back ........except for VA where we have to buy ship from C-store which will be ok............
Oh, and before I go, we plan to re-instate the free starship token at the Lt Commander and Commander rank for all players. We plan to continue the discount token for Silver players at the Captain and Rear Admiral rank, while Gold players will get the free starship at those ranks (if they are a subscriber at the time of rank-up). We do not plan to have any free starship at the Vice Admiral rank.