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10-13-2011, 03:05 AM
Originally Posted by AdmiralBlack10 View Post
I feel red alerts should be restricted to the level of RA and above. I feel this way for several reasons, first of all new players tend to probe farm which insures defeat for players going in for the accolade. Second lower level players simply dont have the experience to fight the borg thus insuring defeat for the more experienced players thus preventing victory in the red alert and preventing players from getting there accolades. Third, lower lever ships simply dont have the fire power, armor or ability to take on the borg. Fourth, The borg missions are restricted to a higher level for a reason but the red alerts are open to all players I fail to see the logic in this equation, if you are going to restrict the Borg missions to the higher level players and borg space to the higher level players shouldn't you restrict the Red Alerts as well. As a Vice Admiral in the game I have lost many red alert instances due to lower level players probe farming, simply not having the capability to fight the borg and not having the experience, to fight the Borg. So please restrict Red Alerts to the rank of Rear Admiral and above.
I disagree 100% . keep Red Alert the way it is theres already to much restricted contect in the game