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10-13-2011, 04:45 AM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
hey now, there's QEW and.... and... Some of syndicate, Mini, Sivar, Ryan and myself on the occasional lark? (course I won't be around next month unless nov 1st is the f2p launch and no one told me)

So... QEW, Some of Syndicate, Mini, Sivar and Ryan... that's like what 12 guys? :p Way more than 2.
Plus one to the number of Klingons queuing up. Although you wont actually find me in the queues for the next few weeks or so, as I'm on assignment to the KDF's R&D division (Tribble testing).

I think you have all missed the announcement though, the FvK arena queue isn't actually broken - its just feds using the new console they get with their T5 Constitution Refit - see quote below:

Now in the C-$tore for Federation Captians - The T5.5 Constitution Refit. Want to take your dreams of being Captain Kirk to the next level, well now you can with the new Constitution Refit ship. Comes with a special console (fits any Federation Cruiser) "Corbomite Device" Activating this device makes the enemy believe Federation ships incorporate technology which reflects all damage received back to the aggressor. Result, the FvK PvP queue is disabled for 24 hours after you fire off this device. Cooldown time 24 hours.