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10-13-2011, 07:26 AM
You have two options, pick only 1:

a) Get everyone to stop using those skills and play by the Opvp standard rules, and people will have no reason to hate on you, and may even begin to respect you.

b) Let anyone do whatever they want, and continue to be hated on. Even one person spamming with your fleet tag is enough to ruin the entire team's reputation.

I'm sorry but I have to laugh at you guys needing recognition on the forums to justify playing cheese-free. You shouldnt need any praise for doing the right thing, yet you *still* got it anyways, even from one of my fleetmates, and are still complaining?

Where is Qew's praise from the community for being cheese free for TWO YEARS? No one has *anything* on us because we never break the rules. Same goes for RE. As mentioned, anyone who does break the rules gets kicked. We have received no praise yet we continue to follow the rules. Luckily we don't need praise to keep our integrity as a fleet.

I seriously dont understand you guys. Go in with proper abilities and youll still stomp all the cheese fleets, and on top of that no one can have any excuses except for that you are better and they got stomped on. That's a double win.
Kharn I have been in matches with Tide. He has used the so called banned skills u say you dont use. He claims he was "testing". But dont u test in pvt queues?