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# 1 Storyline Mission Reward
10-13-2011, 07:30 AM
I noticed that storlline missions are now based on player level. Which is not bad at all. The bad thing is that those missions still give the same loot like they are suposed to do on holodeck. The problem with that ist that after I finished the former Devedian Featured Episode" the mission reward is one rank below of what I needet. I have no problem to fight enemys at my level, but I expect to be properly rewardet at the end of the mission. Thats why i did the Sector patrol missions first. Itīs hard to be a Rear Admiral lower half at the Klingon front, fight Klingons at my own level and get MK III stuff.

This happens only with the old fashioned misions that havnīt changed much since release.