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10-13-2011, 06:51 AM
Originally Posted by Galeforce
Well with the latest blog entry, all players will get a free ship token at LCDR and CDR. Gold members will get a free ship token at CPTN and RALH as well while Silver members will get the discount tokens at those ranks.
Originally Posted by Stephen D'Angelo
(In F2P Dev Blog #10). Oh, and before I go, we plan to re-instate the free starship token at the Lt Commander and Commander rank for all players. We plan to continue the discount token for Silver players at the Captain and Rear Admiral rank, while Gold players will get the free starship at those ranks (if they are a subscriber at the time of rank-up). We do not plan to have any free starship at the Vice Admiral rank.
Props on this. And although, I'll prob still buy all of mine from the C-Store (because the basic Science ships suck) I still dislike that VA won't have any avail outside of the C-Store.

They are starting to make this subscription thing worth it now, with some of these changes. Especially if you consider, it seems like most people can level up to RA within a you'll really only have to pay for that long to get all of your free ship tokens.