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10-13-2011, 07:30 AM
Every time i am in a red alert, the players always look at the others with hesistation before charging in a group 1 at a time. my toon; celise, that one uses a defiant and i have been killed so many times on this because the players are focusing to much on the small stuff and not enough on the sneaky plasma super weapon backraping them, and the cheek that other players wont even help them. this whole thing fails every time, not due to a lack of firepower, but a lack of coordination and teamwork to use strangths against weaknesses. The last time Celise was in a fight, there was a Negh'var warship player and he always stood off instead of engaging in combat to take the damage, i don't have a snowballs chance in hell most of the time against unimatrix v'ger ships without that player. With some help, i have personally demolished 60% HP from it in one sitting at one point before the timer ran out, so it's possible.

I do not agree with the limitation on higher ranks, infact i will oppose it at every turn being a new player supporter, they have as much right to play and enjoy the content as you do to leave it and do an STF.