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10-13-2011, 07:58 AM
As a new player who only started this week I love the red alerts the way they are now. The Borg should be WTF scary. It was great the first few times I went into them I got one shot lol. Am fed up off all the hand holding that goes on in most MMO's these days. I would guess the best way of doing this would be going in with a Team of people from your own fleet on voice comms treat it like a raid. Pugging it does seem very hit and miss but that's the way it should be. Pugs = fail always despite what blizzard has tried to teach the world (cross realm raid LFG tools FFS *******)

This game is great cause it feels old school doesn't try to play the game for you have to actaully read things and figure some stuff out through trail and error. Hell you even have to research the net for advice on some stuff. My only complaint is that death is meaningless at my lvl anyways.

The moment those Borg open up and start one shoting federation ships was fantastic me and my friend both said wow feels just like that seen from First Contact for me that's worth more then worrying about getting the accolade for completing it. Things like that make a game great but they are not easily measured and therefore are more and more over looked these days. For me STO has been a very pleasant surprise indeed