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10-13-2011, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by Kutunto
The main problem I see is that many players go straight for the Cubes and forget the spheres, guess what, you aint going to finish the quest if you dont wipe out firstt he spheres and then go for the cubes, the same with the mothership, get rid of the regenerating probes first and then go for the mothership, keeping an eye for new regeneration probes. The last 4 red alert I have done have failed because of that reason.
Actually if i'm in a group of higher level ships I prefer to target the cubes, especially if the group is lacking in firepower. A single decent Escort can clear the mobs of 2 Cubes with ease whereas the spheres and probe groups are a nightmare to destroy with all those shield drains flying around. If there are a lot of lower level players though i'll tend to look for the sphere groups and get them (the lower level players) in team, that way I can clear a lot of the probes and spheres and they'll get more XP. Won't help against the command ship but at least they get something out of it.