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10-13-2011, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by eslavac View Post
I've also faced this problem. I thought it was a lag issue or that i did something wrong so i deleted my Klingon character and started new. But I still have same problem. I was promoted to Commander and have 8000 Dilithium and you need 10,000 to buy the ship. I haven't seen anything where you get rewarded dilithium i the Klingon faction. Klingon Academy isn't open yet so you cant farm particles for Dilithium. It will be quite a grind for everyone once its put in since must need at least 2000 more Dilithium just to buy their Commander ship. For me the missions become to hard. Doing Commander level missions with a Lieutenants ship is frustrating.

Hopefully they will do something about this but i somehow doubt it.
I levelled a new KDF character to CMDR 2 yesterday and had no problem having enough dilithium to afford the 10k for the new ship. I just did the missions as they were offered to me in order (I think it was 2 nebular explores - different nebulas, the go stop the Romulan fleet in another nebula and the missions on Qo'nos. Those nebula missions all net a healthy amount of dilithium on the 1st run through of them, seems to be a smaller amount on subsequent runs though, so I only did them once. Don't think I even started the first mission series (Bringing Down The House?).

Think I had about 12k dilithium when I visited the shipyard during my promotion - easily enough for the ship, outfitting it with appropriate level gear though is another matter altogether...