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10-13-2011, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by joker1374 View Post
I explained again the problem.
not 'federal right that can drive federal.
noe and 'fair that new players coming into the game just can not get a chance' to do the mission because otha 'are always killed.
and as for PVP in space, if the fleet is not too strong at least give the option 'other players know the game and learn to defend themselves, will not go' no, no, people will play 'more'.....
seems fair?
was that english?

I'm sorry you feel bullied, but otha is not YOUR own playground that you can farm purples on, all ground pvpers go there and like everyone else said, its a PVP zone PVP = Player verses Player and with the klingpns being non exzistant some of us federals as you say (real word is Federation or Starfleet) have found a way to fight each other so we do have someone to fight, so as it being a WAR ZONE do expect to fight when you beam down, as for not knowing how to play...most of us grounders will and have tought others how to fight so if you ask i think someone will most likely show you the ropes on ground combat, it just takes someone with guts to say "Can you show me how to ground pvp?"