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10-13-2011, 10:38 AM
I here what everyone is saying and maybe they shouldnt be restricted, but there should be something that does compensate for the lower level players, but then why dont they open up all borg content to all the players, I have two ship an escort and a intrepid refit, mostly people loose because they dont work together and people dont know how to use there abilties, the key to the instance is picking a leader and he leads end of story, and everyone should follow where he goes. After that take out the groups of spheres and probes (these are alot easiser to wipe out) then when the unimatrix ship comes designate one or two ships to target the probes and the rest target the mothership this is best way to win the instance. However a compensation system need to be put in place for the lower level players and players need to stop probe farming, i loathe and despise probe farming, I have lost way to many instances that way.