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10-13-2011, 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by phunkmaster3k
on the plus side there is no real reason to pay for a sub after FTP launches, so you can just spend that 15$ a month on c points. (lifers get the shaft however)
Eh -- 400 points a month stipend seems sufficient to keep me from feeling shafted. And I don't mind shelling out for C-Store stuff when I like the looks of it. But I'm a weird case -- I didn't buy the Venture because of the improvements or the console, I bought it because I wanted to reskin my Dreadnought.

The big thing to remember, as far as the OP's questions go, is that the entire fundamental economic model for the game is changing. They're going from a system where paying into the C-Store paid for some nice flash and grum we wouldn't already get, to the C-Store being the vast majority of where their money comes from. Of course the base premeses of the C-Store are going to change as a result of that.

The question is whether or not the playerbase adapts and adopts said change. Some will, some adamantly won't, as with the other games out there that went FtP.