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10-13-2011, 10:14 AM
Originally Posted by DarkOrion69 View Post
....I almost quit when .... I almost quit when... I almost quit when... I almost quit .
Practice makes perfect!

Ohh.... ya.... can I almost haz your stuff?

Seriously though.... I do expect more "money grabs" and do not see it as a "bad thing". We are really just trading one "money grab" for another. Business have to grab money somehow or there'd be no product.

I mean think about it, If they are going to loose say 40,000 (and the number has been reported as higher) monthly subscribers at $14.95/mnth then they are loosing $7,176,000 a year. To justify this they have to replace this income in some way..... and that's alot of ship skins!

I know it was not your decision for STO to go f2p, but many things happen in this world that to me that I did not ask for.....